Georgia SPOT Society

The Beginning

A group of forward-thinking women, passionate about animal welfare, realized that the overpopulation of animals was created by not spaying and neutering animals.  As a result, shelters/rescue groups become overwhelmed with animals. Stopping the issue at the source is the fundamental key.  They also understood that education and money were necessary to facilitate getting to root of the issue. Georgia SPOT was born.

Managed solely by volunteers, Georgia SPOT became a non-profit organization June 2001 and has been working tirelessly ever since.

SPOT Mission Statement

The Georgia SPOT (Stopping Pet Overpopulation Together) Society, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to reducing the number of animals impounded and killed in Atlanta area animal control facilities by:

  • funding and providing low to no cost spay/neuters for pets of financially disadvantaged residents of the metro Atlanta area.  Targeted geographical areas for spay/neuter programs include the metro Atlanta area and rural communities with no low-cost spay/neuter resources.
  • providing community education/counseling services to individuals regarding the effects of pet overpopulation on the community, the benefits of spay/neuter, tenets of responsible pet guardianship and the importance of pet identification

YOUR Mission Statement

Adopt, don’t shop! Since thousands of dogs and cats are placed into new homes every year, please consider adopting a pet from Atlanta area purebred or mixed breed rescue groups or your local county animal control shelter.  Many are listed on our rescue listEducate others on the importance of adopting.

Volunteer at your local animal control facility or at one of our many local rescue organizations!

Make a Donation to Georgia SPOT Society’s spay/neuter fund, which pays for the surgery for low-income pet guardians who cannot afford to pay for it themselves. Encourage others to donate as well. Please click on the PayPal donate button on this page to make your tax deductible contribution online. Or you can mail your donation to the address below.

Georgia SPOT Society
P. O. Box 81606
Atlanta, GA 30366

Be an advocate! Your voice goes a long way in helping the cause.  Use your social media to sound off on ways to help.