Pet Identification Program

The statistics from Atlanta shelters are staggering. The majority of dogs and cats who become part of the animal control system in metro-Atlanta are stray or lost pets, not guardian surrenders as was previously thought. These animals are rarely reunited with their families because they lack one vital piece of information – their identification. These animals will end up being killed at the shelters because there is no way to identify them. That is why SPOT is dedicated to educating the public about the importance of proper, up-to-date identification for Atlanta’s pets.

SPOT has created posters, brochures and flyers for distribution to metro-Atlanta area groomers, veterinarians, rescue groups, obedience instructors, pet supply stores and pet lovers which discuss the importance of maintaining identification on your pet at all times. Consider this, only 16% of dogs and 2% of cats in the animal control system in Atlanta will be reunited with their families, in large part due to identification through tags or microchipping.

Identification is a lost pet’s ticket home. Help SPOT continue their great educational efforts by helping distribute posters and brochures. Please call us at 404-584-SPOT for information on how you can help ID Atlanta’s pets.


Above is a sample of our latest pet ID educational poster which was created by a local advertising agency.

See a sample of one of the Pet ID educational posters that we developed ourselves

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