But if I find good homes for all the kittens or puppies, won’t it be ok?

No. Millions of kittens and puppies are killed in animal control facilities every year. There are just too many kittens and puppies and not enough homes. Furthermore, only 2 out of every 10 pets end up staying in his original home for his entire life so many of the puppies or kittens that you would produce may eventually end up in an animal control facility. Could you live with yourself knowing that many of the puppies or kittens you bred ended up being killed in an animal control facility? Do you know how to ask the correct questions to find the best homes for the puppies or kittens you breed or will you just be eager to place them in any home once they become overly active and hard to clean up after? All of the puppies or kittens that you breed need to be spayed or neutered by age 2 months so that none of them will continue to contribute to the pet overpopulation pyramid? Leave breeding up to the experts.

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