What is a Responsible Breeder?

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Someone who wants to breed but chooses the higher road because they don’t want to contribute to our nation’s shameful pet over-population tragedy.

respbreederSPOT in no way endorses breeding of any kind, whether it be by “responsible breeders” or otherwise, at this time when our society kills millions of loving pets due to homelessness. 30% of these casualties are purebreds. We believe that the breeding should stop until the killing stops.

SPOT doesn’t believe that pets should die so that people can pursue the hobby or glory of breeding the perfect dog or cat. These are living creatures, as are you and I, and we don’t believe that they should suffer due to human greed or egotism. Though some of you might want to breed your pets, please refrain as your doing so will contribute to the tragic deaths of millions of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in our nation’s shelters.

Please visit your local shelter, visit pets 911 or contact a rescue group. Please do your part to help reduce the number of animals that die in our nation’s shelters.

Please do not contribute to this national tragedy.

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