Would You Like to Adopt a Dog or Puppy?

If you would like to adopt a purebred puppy or adult dog, please click on the Atlanta Rescue List which consists of the names and phone numbers of purebred rescuers throughout the Atlanta area who have dogs and puppies available for adoption. Pick the breed(s) you are interested in and call the rescuers listed in the Atlanta Rescue List in order to find a purebred puppy or dog to adopt.

Also, keep in mind that there are many wonderful mixed breed dogs available for adoption from groups on the same list. Mixed breed dogs are often a wonderful choice as they are usually healthy and intelligent. In addition, it is estimated that approximately 20% of the dogs at Atlanta area animal shelters are purebred, so consider looking at a local animal shelter for pure and mixed breed dogs.

Regardless of whether you decide to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, a purebred rescue group, mixed breed rescue group or purchase one from a breeder, PLEASE become educated before you get a dog or puppy so that you can find a pet that will be a successful addition to your family for it’s entire lifetime of 10-15 years: